Summer Camps, Weddings and
Rock Bands – Music for all occasions.

Summer Camps

The RanDuth summer camps are an immersive Rock Band experience for students aged 9-14 years. The day is split into three main areas which are all accomplished as a group:  rehearsing as a band; ear-training and listening; and technique and theory.The camps are designed to be productive and fun at a fair price. The camp runs from Monday – Friday from 9am to 3pm with a 45 minute lunch for each day and pizza on the final day.

Price – $175 for the week per child
Time – 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday

The Band rehearsals will teach the band how to read different types of notation they might come across in a typical band situation. They will be required to collaborate, problem solve, and work band equipment.

The ear-training and listening will be focused on ‘lifting’ modern rock or pop songs by ear.  This will be accomplished through both interval recognition and playback, and by learning HOW to listen to both the details and super structure of music for a deeper understanding.

The technical and theoretical sides will sharpen the students’ minds and give them a strong foundation to work from. The technical aspects will consist of drills including scales and rhythmic games. The theoretical portion will explain the structure of the work including rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Summer Camp
Weekly Schedule

The week-long camp is structured to be goal oriented – in that the band will record the songs they are working on and have a final performance on the final day (families will be invited).

Mondays – learning the basics of the songs
Tuesday and Wednesday – getting the music together and jamming it out
Thursday mornings – perfecting the music
Thursday afternoon – recording the music
Friday morning – dress rehearsal
Friday afternoon – final concert

A Typical Day

9 am – Meet and Greet – Planning the Day
9:15 – Ear Training Exercises
9:45 – Technical Exercises
10:00 – Snack
10:15 – Band Practice
12:00 – Lunch and Outdoor Activities
12:45 – Theory
1:15 – Band Practice
2:30 – The Listening Room

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Weddings, Dinners and Formal Functions

Another branch of the RDMS is our “Musicians for Hire.” We offer our services as guitar performers to add a touch of class to your wedding ceremony, dinner parties and formal functions. We are available as a guitar soloist, duo and with combinations of various instrumentation (violin, flute, cello, etc.) As long time professional performers we have a vast repertoire and are able to facilitate musical requests so that your day will have the perfect soundtrack.

Rock Band

As life-long musical performers we see ensemble playing as one of the most important skills to have for young musicians. At the RDMS we have the ability to create a multitude of instrumental combinations including Rock Band (vocals, drums, guitar, bass and keyboard), classical guitar, piano and voice, and more. Ensemble playing teaches important life skills such as collaboration, on-the-spot learning, improvisation, and friendship. Message or phone us now to learn more!

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