It’s a magical moment when you realize that your child is beginning to form their own tastes in music. As much as we would have loved to pass on our passion of chamber music and heavy metal to our son, it just wasn’t meant to be. Nevertheless, anytime he makes a request for a song we make a point of having a huge singalong or head to our studio and jam it out as a family. At the randuthmusicstudio, we have much the same philosophy. If a student wants to learn the latest Kid Laroi song we will take the time to learn it ourselves. We prepare the lesson carefully with more nuanced details than just playing the notes. Things like structure, harmony, and texture can be found in any of these pop or rock songs and are the perfect vehicle for teaching the more complex side of theory and music.

When thinking about taking up a new instrument, an interest or passion should be the starting point for any student. Listen to as much of the repertoire as possible in all styles to hone and develop your own unique style and individual thoughts on the instrument. Dig deep! Who influenced your favorite musicians? where did this style originate from? follow the bread crumbs and enjoy the journey as it is never ending! Having an opinion about the music you love and being able to formulate it is essential when learning an instrument. This applies to students of all ages.

Learning music doesn’t begin and end with technique and theory, passion is the forerunner because it pushes us to dig deeper and refining our sonic identity. It is this philosophy that helped create the tag line for our studio ‘where learning music is serious fun!’